Monday, January 08, 2007

Sloan - Never Hear the End of It *

The last Sloan cd I bought was Between the Bridges. I don’t think I listened to the whole thing. I loved One Chord to Another, but I grew tired of Sloan and there were plenty of other things to pay attention to musically after 1998. But this new Sloan album has 30 songs! Apparently it even has snippets of songs that shouldn’t even be considered “songs” as we know them. I like it when old bands do shit like this. Will PF remember Sloan? I think its role in Canadian music history is underappreciated. Canada’s current hip bands should thank Sloan for helping clear the path for them. They should do it via email, and also in old-fashioned letter format. I’ll predict a 7.6 for this latest Sloan effort. Actual rating: 7.7. Point differential: 0.1.



Anonymous Sam said...

0.1 off again!!!

22/1/07 7:00 AM  

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