Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Album of the Year

This won't be your typical AOTY wankfest where I spout off about the hip albums I bought this year. I didn't buy that many albums this year. I downloaded a shitload of songs - probably 500 to 1000 individual songs - and I judged many new albums by those songs.

I discovered some great stuff, and I also discovered there are a lot of shitty songs that come out every week. This reinforced my belief that I can create music people will hear whether they want to or not.

When I think back to the albums I did buy, and what stood out, it is very easy for me to pick a winner. If you have read this blog more than once you probably know who it is. If you know the definition of the term "indie cred" you also probably know who it is.

Yes, I am going to go way out in left field with this one and pick an album that very, very few people heard in 2006, let alone liked: Boys and Girls in America by The Hold Steady. What's that? You've heard of it? Well, what about Joanna Newsom? You've heard of her too? I simply don't believe it. Surely you've never heard of a fellow named Sufja...oh, I see.


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