Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bright Eyes - Cassadaga *

I have become bored of Bright Eyes. Fortunately I don't need to try to explain why to you; I simply need to attempt to predict the rating for its new album.

PF wasn't thrilled with the last release, giving it a 5.9. By my calculations, that means this new one is guaranteed to received at least 1.0 higher than that mark. After all, two sub-par reviews in a row by PF is, allegedly, enough to seriously affect album sales for the artist in question, and cause the average temperature of the Earth to increase by 0.2 degrees, causing water levels to rise overnight and drowning all humans under 3'2". That's right: no more Verne Troyer. Nobody wants that. He was hilarious that time he got real drunk on the Surreal Life!

I predict a 7.3 for this new one! Actual rating: 6.0. Point differential: 1.3.



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