Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kings of Leon - Because of the Times *

I've never gotten into these dudes.

I vaguely recall seeing a guy wearing a Kings of Leon shirt and indie-goggles (Ha! I just made that up. That's my new term for those square-rimmed hipster glasses) a few summers ago. He probably annoyed me in some way, so naturally I came to the conclusion that any band he liked must suck balls.

And when I loaded the band's last album onto my iPod, the songs ended up all garbled-like. Surely another sign.

And now, well, there's just too much music to listen to. I mean, I don't have time to get into every band that comes out! There are dogs' feet to be sought out and stepped on!

For you, oh kings of southern indie-rock, 6.8! Actual rating: 5.4. Point differential: 1.4.



Anonymous Dougie Spooner said...

good to see you back in the game. no one else predicts pitchfork quite like you, Mr. Tower.

29/3/07 1:07 PM  

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