Monday, August 28, 2006

Pete Yorn - Nightcrawler

What has happened to PF's alphabetical list of artists reviewed? I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it's gone. Anyway, my few minutes of research on the site didn't locate any genuine Yorn content. There was one generally critical reference that suggested Yorn should be despised by hipsters even more than Ryan Adams sometimes is. Why does PF do that? It hurts its credibility.

Me, I'm not a huge Yorn fan. I find him a bit too tame. The truth is these days if I am not blown away in seconds then I rarely stick around to see what else the artist has to offer, which is sad I know, but what can you do? There is a lot of music to listen to and very little time to do it.

I don't actually think this one will get reviewed, but I've been wrong before. (Except, of course, in predicting where I Can't Explain would show up in the list of PR's Top 200 songs from the 60s!) I will say 5.5. Actual rating: pending. Point differential: TBD.


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