Friday, August 18, 2006

I Can't Explain

Well PF, that was fun. It was a nice break from predicting whole albums. Let's do it again next year, except with something even more obscure. I have started putting together my list of Top 200 soprano saxophone solos. You do the same, and we'll see what we come up with. I think we both know who will be #1.

In the end, 12 of the 21 songs I predicted made PF's list. That is impressive enough. But wait, it doesn't stop there: I also correctly predicted four songs that would appear in the Top 10. And, just in case that's not enough, my predicted ranking for I Can't Explain was bang on! Admittedly, I did not put a lot of thought into my predictions, they were more just done at random with some shuffling about at the end, but that's still damn impressive.

But just as I was sitting here reading the list and being very impressed with myself, I realized I missed Like a Rolling Stone. That was bad! Very very bad!

Did I mention I Can't Explain was bang on?


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