Monday, September 11, 2006


I swear to you now faithful readers: I did not see the YLT review today when I checked PF earlier. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, when I'm at work I can only access the site in something that closely resembles a text-only version; no images, no album covers, etc. So when I scrolled down and saw the Black Keys review, I figured that it was the marquee review for the day. Had I scrolled up a bit, I would have seen the YLT album was reviewed ahead of it. So anyway, while my exact prediction of the new YLT album -- my first exact prediction btw -- would normally be reason to celebrate, it is tainted. And I guess in order to maintain my credibility as the world's No. 1 human online album rating predictor, I won't count it as a legitimate exact prediction and will keep waiting for that euphoric day when there can be no doubts raised about my special ability.


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