Friday, July 07, 2006

Thom Yorke - The Eraser *

PF staff have probably been stepping over each other in an attempt to be chosen to review this one. The release of a new Radiohead album - or in this case, the release of an album by the only member of Radiohead that really matters - is probably something like a national holiday at PF head office. I picture streamers, noise makers, ticker tape, maybe some confetti, definitely a lot of square-rimmed glasses, possibly some left over sausage rolls and also beer of some kind. But I always picture beer of some kind in every scenario. Prediction: 9.1. Actual rating: 6.6. Point differential: 2.5.



Blogger Myshkin said...

As evidenced by this album, Thom Yorke is not the only member of Radiohead that counts...

1/8/06 9:44 AM  
Blogger Trellick Tower said...

We all count; we all matter. As a music fan and musician I know every member is important (except the drummer), but as I once read somewhere, how many people can name a member of RH who isn't Thom Yorke? I know I couldn't without looking it up. Well, there is that Greenwood fellow, Johnny Greenwood?

The point was, a Yorke-less RH would not exist. I am not sure the same could be said about any of the other band members.

1/8/06 1:37 PM  
Anonymous zedd said...

Are you kidding? Just because you don't know someone beyond the lead singer of a band doesn't mean that the other members aren't important. In the case of Radiohead, Johnny Greenwood is a KEY member of the band. Their sound would be very very different without him.

Also, are you saying every member is important in any given band except the drummer, or only in the case of Radiohead? Because if you are applying this to every band, that's a retarded statement.

9/8/06 2:09 PM  
Blogger Trellick Tower said...

zedd, I am sure the band's sound would indeed be much different without him. That is my point: the band could likely keep chugging along without him.

Whereas I see Thom Yorke almost as Radiohead's logo (for lack of me knowing any better words). The band goes as Yorkie goes. Do you think anyone except the most hardcore RH fans would continue to find Radiohead interesting if Yorke left? I don't. But that is also my point: there would be no more band without him. I thought the point about naming other band members except him was a brilliant way of putting it. I will try to find the link.

And let me just add, I've been into Radiohead for a long time, ever since my ex-girlfriend and I used to put Pablo Honey on and get busy in the backseat (1993). I like Radiohead and don't mean to unfairly criticize the band.

As for the drummer comment, sometimes I try to be funny. Sometimes it doesn't work. If you have seen Spinal Tap you will know that drummers are expendable. If you have ever played in a band you will know that they all think they are Stewart Copeland, that they all think they are an integral part of the songwriting process, and that they all play too loud, too hard and too long in order to compensate for their feelings of inferieriority. Yes, that is a real word.

9/8/06 3:38 PM  

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