Thursday, June 08, 2006

Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend (Deluxe Edition)

PF will often review remastered albums that were released before the site was created. I am confident this is such a case. It wasn’t until I checked the tracklist for this album that I realized its significance: it includes Girlfriend, which is a superb album on its own, but also apparently some Girlfriend-era demos/B-sides that weren’t previously widely available, including some of the tracks from Goodfriend (or so it appears). This is notable to old MS fans, and those of us who get a kick out of seeing their old favourites reviewed on PF. There is nothing better for a music nerd like me than reading reviews of albums I have been intimately familiar with for years. The songs are syrupy in places, but the songwriting is top notch. I have a feeling PF will note both the quality and the cultural significance of this album and give it at least an 8.7. Actual rating: pending. Point differential: TBD.


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