Thursday, June 08, 2006

Frank Black – FastMan RaiderMan *

This double album is due out June 19. Almost guaranteed PF will review. His last solo album received a 6.0; his albums since 2000 (solo and with The Catholics) have received, on average, a rating of 6.45 (they rated his last double cd as one album). Frank releases so much stuff, I think 6.45 is pretty accurate. If someone were to say to me: “Mr. Tower, what, on average, do you think of Frank Black’s releases since the first break-up of The Pixies?” There is a good chance I would respond: “6.45.” I have half his stuff since Teenager of the Year; each contains some great songs, but some clunkers too. What does it all mean? I predict a rating of 6.8, or, should it be split up, some combination of 6.4 and 7.2. Mathematically speaking of course. Actual rating: 6.4. Point differential: 0.4. Cumulative point differential: 0.6.



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