Monday, July 10, 2006

The latest review

Album review gods: please forgive me. My cynicism was misguided. My smugness was uncalled for. You have chosen to punish me. PF's review of the new Thom Yorke album was, surprisingly, neither glowing nor fawning. It raised made my cumulative point differential to a shocking 4.1 after four predicted reviews. I accept my punishment willingly.


Anonymous Zak said...

I thought the Eraser would be high too, but there seems to be a lot of talk lately about how Pitchfork kisses Radiohead's ass all the time. I wonder if they deliberately chose someone who'd give it a poor(ish) review to protect their image. It was really poorly written and criticised him for his lack of melody, which Radiohead has never really been known for. There's a ton of amelodic stuff in Kid A, which they gave a 10.

12/7/06 2:06 PM  
Blogger Trellick Tower said...

I agree completely, certainly melody is not one of the key parts of recent Radiohead. Doesn't mean it's any worse musically. The inconsistency is puzzling. It's almost like they *had* to give it a lower rating to regain their credibility. I haven't heard it though, and am not planning to.

13/7/06 12:21 AM  

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