Friday, September 22, 2006

The Lemonheads - S/T *

Certainly lots of hype about this one. Like everyone else I downloaded the No Backbone cover a few weeks ago and have listened to it daily ever since. Gotta say the thing I enjoy most about it is J Mascis’ guitar, not that the whole song isn’t great. Also, it was produced by the world’s fastest drummer and the man who inspired me to perform many outstanding air-drum solos – Bill Stevenson. And Stevenson and Karl Alvarez are part of the band. AND Stevenson helped write some of the songs. Are you getting my point? Basically this is a must have in the Tower household.

I’m not sure PF will love it the same way. I’ll predict a 7.2. Actual rating: 6.8. Point differential: 0.4.



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