Monday, January 07, 2008

The Magnetic Fields – Distortion *

Has it really been almost a decade since 69 Love Songs was released? Like many other people I took my favourite songs from those three albums and made a one-cd best-of. It was excellent. Will this regular-length Magnetic Fields cd be as good as my personal best-of cd? Probably not. Every one of those songs was brilliant.

At the same time, PF gave 69 Love Songs a rating of 9.0. I find that astoundingly high. Maybe it got extra marks for thematic execution.

I don’t see how this latest Magnetic Fields album will get more than an 8.1, and it won’t include anywhere close to as much “filler” as 69 Love Songs. More proof that all art is subjective, and record reviews are stupid. Actual rating: 8.0. Point differential: 0.1.



Blogger Mr. Bitterman said...

I don't know if record reviews are always stupid. The problem is that too often the reviewers are too pompous and arrogant. If they just stuck to some of the facts of a new album, like has it mellowed compared to previous ones, have they added a horn section, is it much like the last ...then it would be useful. But when the reviewers get too opinionated, or spend all their time trying to find the meaning in the lyrics, then it becomes useless to everyone but the reviewer -- something of which pitchfork is definitely guilty.

14/1/08 10:55 AM  

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